11th January 2013


The remains of many 2000 year old buildings still stand today, which is testament to the construction skills of the Romans. Visitors joining a series of special tours at Wroxeter Roman City this February and March will learn about the techniques and materials firsthand from one of the UK's most eminent scholars, Professor Dai Morgan Evans, as he guides them around the Roman building he designed at Wroxeter Roman City.

On Thursday 7 February, Professor Morgan Evans will lead a group of enthusiasts around the Town House, built in the 21st century using techniques and materials developed by Roman builders over 2000 years ago.  Participants will then be taken around the ruins of the city to help put the new building into its historic context.

Architect and builder join forces once again on Thursday 7 and Thursday 21 March 2013, when Professor Dai Morgan Evans is joined by one of the construction team, who will explain how the techniques employed during the Town House project differed from their 21st century equivalents, and what he learned along the way that he can put to play in contemporary construction projects.

“The Town House is certainly a vibrant addition to the Wroxeter landscape, with its yellow and red rendering making a bold statement in such a green and pleasant land, but there is a school of thought that perhaps we did not go far enough with the external decorations,” comments Professor Morgan Evans.  “Evidence suggests that the exteriors of most public buildings were festooned with slogans and adverts, like today’s bill boards.  Similarly, interior decorations might have been much more bold, with the pillars of the inside corridor elaborately painted.  With many people imagining classical Rome as featuring stylish expanses of white marble, the reality of a very colourful empire might cause deep cringing to modern sensibilities!”

Each of the tours lasts approximately two hours, starting at 11.00am and 2.00pm each day.  Some areas of the Town House may have restricted access during the tours as building work takes place between January and early March, giving visitors a unique insight into restoration work as it happens.  Tickets are £30 per person, with a £5.00 discount for English Heritage members.  Booking is essential as places are strictly limited.  For more information, or to reserve places, please call 0870 333 1183 or visit

Wroxeter Roman City and the Roman Town House are additionally open every weekend throughout the winter from 10.00am to 4.00pm.  For more details, please call 01743 761330.