Serviced Accommodation Occupancy Survey

30th August 2012

Serviced Accommodation Occupancy Survey The Research Solution is undertaking a Serviced Accommodation Performance Monitor Survey on behalf of Shropshire Council and we would like to encourage all eligible businesses to participate.

Christine King, Director of The Research Solution explains, “You may have taken part in this survey in the past and this is your chance to once again contribute to this important survey.  In order to effectively monitor and evaluate tourism across Shropshire we need your assistance.

“Your contribution to this survey is crucial in providing the necessary information to formulate useful research and evaluate the effect the economic climate has on tourism and the accommodation sector. Within today’s ever changing climate, it is more important than ever to monitor occupancy levels and have the most accurate, up to date information on the accommodation sector.”

“The survey is a vital source of historical benchmarking information for your business.  The data provided to you can be extremely useful data for benchmarking performance, for business planning, when applying for finance, grants, insurance claims, or as proof of achievement if the business changes hands. In the past, the data provided from this survey has been used by participants to apply for aid when disasters such as the extreme flooding which happened a couple of years ago.   Occupancy data remains a vital source of information as it enables us to assess quickly and accurately how tourism businesses are performing, and respond accordingly, for example with marketing campaigns, or bids for funding.

“Don’t forget, by taking part you will receive monthly occupancy results for the region and county alongside your own individual figures. This will allow you to benchmark your business performance against the average for establishments within your location, size band, type, rating etc. Individual results are kept completely confidential and The Research Solution adheres to the Data Protection Act.”

To be a part of this survey, please contact Christine:

Christine will then send you a profile form to complete, along with a link to the occupancy website and your unique user ID and password to access your online profile where you can begin recording your occupancy data and accessing results.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Christine on the details below:

Christine King, Director

The Research Solution

Tel: 01905 721440