Church Stretton Tourism Group

18th July 2012

Have launched an important new marketing scheme targeting accommodation owners in Shropshire making it easy for them to inspire their guests to have a great day out in the Shropshire Hills..this is what they say about it...

Would you like to quickly and easily share information with your guests about things they can do during their visit to Shropshire?

You can now do this in partnership with Church Stretton.

We are trialling a completely FREE email service which we hope you will sign up to receiving. We won’t bombard you…we plan to send a maximum of 6 per year if that.


  • We will send you a professional eNewsletter (max 6 per year) which you simply forward to any guests staying with you for the following two months. 
  • The eNewsletter will provide your guests with timely and relevant reasons to take a trip to an area of outstanding natural beauty in the Shropshire Hills.
  • The eNewsletter will include a summary of the area, interesting things to see and do and link them through to the area website ( for information on things like local festivals & events and promotions being run by shops and activity centres.
  • All we do is send you the eNewsletter - all you do is forward it on.
  • The eNewsletter is available to any accommodation owner within easy reach of the Church Stretton area and provides inspiration for a great day out.

BENEFITS TO YOU:                                         

  • You are quickly and easily adding value to your guests by sending them timely and relevant information about a beautiful area of Shropshire within easy reach of your accommodation.
  • You keep the control and don’t have to give us your data.  We send YOU the email which you can then choose to forward it whomever you want, whenever you want. 
  • It saves you time telling your guests verbally about this area of Shropshire when they arrive as they will already have received the information via the eNewsletter before they get to you.
  • Your guests should appreciate you being proactive thus enhancing their first impressions and feelings of goodwill about your accommodation.


  • The eNewsletter should provide your guests with inspiration for a trip out - somewhere they may not have thought of visiting on their holiday in Shropshire.
  • Guests can click though to from the eNewsletter to download current discounts and promotions the area might be offering thus saving them money.
  • Guests feel even more secure knowing that you have gone the extra mile to make them feel welcomed and knowledgeable about things to do on their visit to Shropshire.

 Sign up today by clicking the following link