Dorothy Clive Garden

Created by Colonel Harry Clive for his wife Dorothy

Dorothy Clive Garden

The Dorothy Clive Garden was created in 1940 by the late Colonel Harry Clive for the enjoyment of his wife Dorothy.


The garden is delightfully woven into the magnificent tapestry of Shropshire and Staffordshire borders and has fine views over the surrounding countryside. It is an intimate and informal garden embracing a variety of landscape features, including a superb woodland garden, alpine scree, damp garden, spring daffodil and tulip walks and spectacular summer flower borders.


In 1940 Colonel Harry Clive embarked on transforming a disused nineteenth century gravel quarry at the top of his garden into a superb woodland. His ambition was to create a beautiful & fascinating garden where his ailing wife Dorothy could enjoy her daily walks. The garden subsequently became the focus of Harry's life and in 1958 he set up the Willowbridge Garden Trust to preserve Dorothy's garden as a place of rest and recreation for the public.


Visitors today can walk beside the spectacular Quarry Garden waterfall to enjoy one of the country's finest collections of rhododendrons and azaleas.


Now extending to twelve acres, the garden includes a south facing Hillside Garden which provides a wealth of interest from spring through to autumn. Plant enthusiasts will find many unusual species throughout the garden along with many specimen trees and shrubs.


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