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"Such gardens are not made by singing 'Oh how beautiful' and sitting in the shade"
- Rudyard Kipling
Shropshire Gardens and Nurseries are a serious gardeners' delight with 15 National Collections (including English Roses, Clematis, Campanula, Aralia and Tulips) and nearly 20 Plantsmen's Gardens. Throughout Shropshire you'll find a 'trug-full' of famous bloomers.
Supporting these formal and informal gardens is a collection of specialist nurseries and garden centres. Stocked to the gunnels with horticultural delights, exotica and plants that you never thought you'd need. Backed up with expert friendly advice, these centres of excellence can help you get your dream garden started or add the finishing touches to more established plans.
If you want to find out how this nice, quiet county manages to propagate such a variety of rare, magnificent gardens, you'll have to dig deeper than the topsoil. For Shropshire is built on rocks from 11 of the 13 known geological periods - the smallest area in the world to claim so many.
Capability Brown and Gertrude Jekyll have contributed their own individual genius to the making of the Shropshire landscape; today the work goes on.
In the Shropshire garden you will find the joy engendered by the classic summer flowers of England - hollyhocks, delphiniums, lavender and campanulas. These are places of rest and repose where to restore the soul and lift the spirit.
Shropshire's not to be sniffed at. Oh yes, it most certainly is!


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